Star Trails Impressions: Video/Stills

This video contains my favorite startrails images so far. My first attempts in making startrails date back to May this year in doing some 10 single frames; by now some of the images include more than 400 single shots, each 30 sec. Since spending a couple of hours at nights, it´s actually a waste of time just doing this for one finally image. Why not put up two cameras with different angles/views? It gets you much more value from the night shots and increases the possibility of capturing something special like meteors (falling stars) or Iridium Flares. Setting up the equipment and doing the single shots takes about 3-4 hours, developing (taking out the airplane tracks from each single shot) and processing them through software like or takes another 2-3 hours. But in the end, each startrail image is well worth the effort. Song in the video is by RISE AGAINST – “Wait for me” from their new album “Endgame” Enjoy!



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