A Night Out In The Woods

After a few days of scouting around in the woods of my home, I´ve found a great spot for night photography. In a wet, low-lying area covered with poplar trees, and also covered with tracks of wild pigs, I´ve put up my “camp” and set up the cameras for twilight shooting and later on for the startrails. To be honest, I was too scared to go into woods just by myself at a new moon´s night. So I brought my dog “Bronca” with me, a Doberman, but as I should find out  that night, she has been more scared than me. We made a good couple. It´s been very scary as soon as the twilight was gone, but after getting used to the darkness, it´s been fantastic. Hearing and seeing an owl, which was even flying by later on only 3 meters from where I was sitting, spotting some deer and hearing a lot of noises in that pitch black night was really something to discover. The stars looked like diamonds on black velvet. After 6 hours out there, I had a load full of images which some of them I like to show you here. It´s quite interesting how the light changes from sunset to night! Enjoy!












19:48 – 23:05




“Know your subjects!Get there early! Stay late! Think coffee table book! Go big or go home! Have an edge! Take a chance! Capture the moment!” Dave Black, American Photographer


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