Going PhotoShelter…

I´m very excited to announce my newest “baby”, my PhotoShelter account. It´s the consequent continuation of the way I´ve started since almost one year now. On Photoshelter I´m able to show and sell my work like a pro. By clicking on one of the images to the “Buy Images” button, a customer has the opportunity to choose and select how he wants to use that image. He is buying the rights to use it, not the image itself! Due to diverse presets in your account, payment and ordering runs automatically. You can also decide whether you want to sell them RM or RF. RM means Rights Managed or in other words: the customer pays for the way he wants to use it. RF means Royalty Free; the customer pays one estimated price and can use the image how often and long he wants to. So why not choosing one of the stock agencies like Getty? Well for me as green horn to this kind of market I think it´s easier to start with my own stock agency. Time will tell if it works. What do you think about that “stock stuff”? Here´s the link to my PhotoShelter account: http://wernerpriller.photoshelter.com/ . Enjoy!


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