Hop Field Impressions

 I´m very excited to be able showing you my very first  project. “Hop Field Impressions” is a compilation  I´m working on since more than one year now and it´s my first complete work I´m publishing. The area where I was born and where I´m still living in is called the “Hallertau”, the world largest hop growing area. So what would be more obvious to photograph this region I know the best then . The idea of making such a project goes back to a workshop I attended which was lectured by no less than Art Wolfe/www.artwolfe.com and  https://wernerpriller.wordpress.com/2010/11/09/art-wolfe/. “If you want to start with something,” he told us students, ” work on a special project and fill a niche with it”. Not knowing what he was talking about then, ten months later I´ve fulfilled “my” project I´vent been aware of for so long. Well, since the digital times, everyone can make good images and all and everything is nearly photographed to death. But like Art also said, you have to find your own, your unique style-that is what counts and what makes the difference.

The first item I´m going to publish is a mosaic of 90 different “hop field moods”. Print size: DIN A1/841x594mm; a) on a 170g/semiglossy photo paper, prize: 150,00 Euro, b) on photo acrylic glass: 450,00 Euro.

 (click to enlarge) 

The following video shows all the 90 images from the mosaic with the song “Night Ride Across the Caucasus” by Loreena McKennitt. (click on the HD-Button if you like for a higher resolution)

Print size: 16:9/112×63 cm; a) on a 170g/semiglossy photo paper, prize: 180,00 Euro, b) on photo acrylic glass: 490,00 Euro.

Any questions about different sizes and/or styles? Please mail to: wernerpriller@web.de

Enjoy life!


“Dreams can become a reality if you are prepared to have a go!”  (Denis Bartell, Australian Adventurer)

“Intensify your thought and you set up attraction. Concentrate on a job, and you attract all the things necessary to accomplish it. You attract the things you give a great deal of thought to.”  (Henry Ford)


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