Werner Priller


Here are my favorite images from last weekend which I´ve spent with my youngest son Jakob at the motocross race track at Teutschenthal/Sachsen-Anhalt, formerly a part of East Germany. It´s been the 9th race of the FIM MotoCross World Championship series, and it´s great to be back watching some of the world best riders. Arriving on Saturday evening, we had plenty of time for looking around and watching a fantastic sunset. Current leader of the “MX2” series is  16-year-old german Ken Roczen (#94), leader of the “MX1” series is the sicilian four times world champion Antonio “Toni” Cairoli (#222). The estimated crowd of 40 000 people went berserk as Ken Roczen  finished on first place  after two heats this sunday afternoon and he is still leader of the series; Cairoli finished 2nd overall, but is still leader of MX1. Motocross is a very spectacular sport and for shooting photos you need a different setup on your camera than shooting landscape. My settings are: JPG-mode for being able shooting more or a  longer series of continuous shots than with RAW, Av-priority for setting the smallest aperture possible and a high ISO setting at 1600. These settings get you a fast shutter speed and allows you to get sharp images and a blurred background. These settings require no tripod also; it would be in the way anyway. But in my opinion, the most important setup for photographing action sports is: anticipation! Even better, you have done this sport yourself before (like myself), or you still do, you do have a big advantage. Though you are not an “accredited photographer” and for that you can´t go inside the race track, you will be able to  create some cool images. Knowing where the action goes, where the best spots are to shoot, how the riders will behave, in short, you know to anticipate what´s happening next, all that is most important for shooting action sports. Even better you know some of the current leading riders by name and by their  numbers on the number plates. That´s  a good way to start with and the action shots will become better and better by trying. Like Scott Kelby (http://www.scottkelby.com/blog/) said in his bestseller book “The Digital Photography Book, Vol. 1-3″: ” Not knowing the sports you are shooting you have to rely on luck-and that is no good strategy for your career!” Go out and give it try!  Song in the video is called “Endgame” by Rise Against, http://www.riseagainst.com/. Again, this video is all done in Lightroom 3 only. Enjoy!


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