Italy: Gargano Peninsula

Here´s my very first self-made video with images and music from our recent trip to Italy. “Less is More” has been the motto for this tour and it worked out very well. Gargano is about a 15 hours drive all the way south and some 1300 km away and maybe better known as the “Spur of Italy´s Boot”. It´s been pretty hot down there, between 30°-37°C, but fantastic weather for spending daytime either at the pool or on the beach, and for photographing and star-watching at nights. The air is so dry that you almost don´t sweat and you don´t get any dew on your lens even in the night hours (dew can become your greatest “enemy” at nighttime photography)! Spending seven nights in a holiday apartment in off-season and  bringing all the supplies you need during a vacation saves you a lot of money. So we only needed money for accommodation,food, fuel and road toll, no other extra or unexpected costs.  A  total of around 800 Euro for four persons/seven nights, fantastic weather and landscape, a pool and a  beach to use (with our own deck chairs and sunshades). Life can be so easy and great! And if you got little kids – spent as much time as possible with them – time is passing by like nothing – money is replaceable – time is not!! By the way: the song in the video is called “The Highwayman” by Loreena McKennitt. Enjoy!

( The first try didn´t work, I´m sorry; the size of the images is a bit small, but I hope it works;)



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