The Pyrenees, France, 2009

Visiting friends in a foreign country and living with them for a couple of days is one of the nicest ways of traveling I can think of. The flight from Memmingen (Germany) to Girona (Spain) and the drive with a rental car thereon up to France in direction Perpignan / Foix / Massat / LePort and finally Salbis (884m, 42.86°N, 1 .39°E), was quite a journey on its own. Susi and her boyfriend Eric have built up there their own little sanctuary for the last couple of years. In the summer months they are renting donkeys for selfguided trips and accommodate people who want to live back to nature for some time. And I can assure you: going on a backpacking trip with donkeys, camping around alpine huts, getting freshwater from a spring, eating blueberries and climbing up mountain peaks for three days is something you´ll never forget. Even better, there has been no other people around. Lying in your sleeping bag, you just hear the wind blowing and the owls howling. Being back at Susi`s and Eric´s place, we had some more time to relax and to enjoy life.  There are still some spots left in Europe which are not that crowded and polluted, and this is one of them. Though this journey has been in late August 2009, we still think about that great time we had over there!  Thanks Susi and Eric @ ! Enjoy!


Spanish/French border @ Portbou(E) and Cerbère (F)


The Mediterranean Coast @ Portbou, Spain


Our home for the next couple of days @ Salbis, Pyrenees, France


On the way to Goutets, historic site @ Pyrenees, France


 Camping at Goutets @ 1418 m, 42.84° N/1.42° E, Pyrenees, France


From Goutets to Col de Goulur @ Pyrenees, France


Camping around Col de Goulur @ 1564 m, 42.85°N/1.43°E, Pyrenees, France


On top of Col de Goulur @ 1851 m, 42.85 N°/1.45° E, Spanish Pyrenees in the far distance


 The donkey trek is coming down @ Pyrenees, France


Fortress of Carcassonne, formerly capital of  the Cathars


“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret; it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.” ( Antoine de Saint-Exupery, French Writer, 1900-1944)



(Note: Some of the photos lack a bit of quality due to scanning from already developed (paper)images into digital; they have been shot with an analog SLR, Ricoh XR-10, the others are shot with a Canon Power Shot A80; these days I had no DSLR; but anyway, it´s the experience that counts!) 




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