People Of Italy

Flipping through the images of my recent trip to Italy, I´ve noticed that I´ve taken a lots of photos of people like never before. That´s a development in my photography I thought I´dnt be able to! I´m actually not that kind of guy approaching other people, yes, some kind of introverted; but looking at those shots, it´s kind of worth doing it. It adds so much more into telling a story having a person in the photo. I´m just not brave enough (yet) asking them people for permission; the shots seen here  are mostly done with my 120-400 mm or the 18-250 mm (best lens for travel photography) tele lenses. But it´s a first step into portraying people you don´t know, and time will tell what´s coming next. Enjoy!

“Which boat´s the best?” @ Recco

Waving boy/Leaning Tower @ Pisa

Tired tourists @ Pisa

Lonely old woman @ Pisa (my favorite shot of this series)

Smoking adolescents @ Pisa

Greenpeace activist @ Verona

Gents @ Verona

Waiting for the bus @ Verona

Doing the flowers @ Verona


” The longest journey a man must take is the eighteen inches from his head to his heart!”

(Author unknown)


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