Moon, Saturn And Other Stuff…

Here are my latest results of capturing  the constellations of the sky; some of them are taken with my new combo, the Meade 8″ telescope/Pentax k-x. The telescope gives you also new possibilities in photographing terrestrial objects, as shown at the church tower shot. Because of the big focal length, 2000 mm, you can shoot it from a very far point which as high grounded as the clock of the church tower itself. From a closer, but lower grounded spot, you would get a photo with a perspective look. The Moon shots with the Meade 8″ aren´t cropped, as not otherwise titled. By photographing stars, you got some options, but I just want to name two of them. If you just want them to be as dots, choose your exposure around 25 sec. with a 20 mm lens. If you want startrails, take some more shots with exposures up to 10 min. and combine them with a software. The highlight this weekend has been definitely spotting Saturn! What an incredible sight-seeing for the first time in my life Saturn with its rings. The image shown here resulted from that  seeing. Being almost 4000 times farther away than the Moon, Saturn is tougher to watch and photograph, due to the atmospheric turbulence; not a high quality shot, but you can see that it´s “Saturn himself “. Enjoy!


“Normal” Moon capture – Sigma 120-400 @ 600 mm


Crescent of the Moon with Meade 8″ @ 2000 mm (original size!)


Cropped image from the shot above


Crescent of the Moon, two days later (original size!)


Clock of the church tower, with Meade 8″ @ 2000 mm


My first image of Saturn! Meade 8″ @ 2000 mm


Moon and stars @  hop plant



 Startrails over hop plant (click to enlarge) 


” To explore our Galaxy would require flight times measured in tens of thousands of years – 25.000 years to reach the Galaxy´s center, twice as long again to reach its edge. To make a visit to our galactic neighbor, the Andromeda Galaxy, we would have a journey time of 2.5 million years. And to reach the farthest objects we can see in the universe, we would have to journey for at least 12 billion years. This is nearly as long as the universe has existed.”  ( Robin Kerrod from the book: “Hubble – the mirror on the universe”)


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