This is it! My entry into astrophotography; after reading tons of interesting stuff, online and offline, I got this shot of the rising moon two days after full moon, in the week just before eastern. The gear I used? My trusty pentax k-x and my newest toy, a Meade 8″ telescope. That tremendous piece of technology gives  me a focal length of 2000 mm! What a new kind of way watching the moon. With the 1.5 crop factor of my pentax it even extends it up to 3000 mm! The image even doesn´t fit on the sensor of my camera – incredible. But it´s not just the moon in particular what triggers my attention and joy, watching them stars moving around is also such an amazing sight! And watching the ISS space station coming by  while photographing startrails is something you´ll never forget in your whole life! Enjoy!



Rising moon, pentax k-x/Meade 8″


Crop from the shot above


ISS, coming around


Startrails around Polaris


Startrails with the Meade 8″


Startrails over hop plant


“Only 1.3 light seconds into our voyage and we have already reached the limits of human exploration, for the Moon is mankind’s only football on an alien world. In some respects, the Earth and Moon could be considered a binary planet system: in comparison to its parent, the Moon is by far the largest satellite body in the solar system.”


“There is more to the universe than meets the eye: 87 percent of the cosmos is not only invisible to us, but it probably doesn´t even consist of the same species of matter as us. `Dark Matter` is the real stuff of our universe; a dense tissue of filaments that binds galaxies together and weaves the web to which they cluster.”


(Nicolas Cheetham from the book:`Universe, A Journey from Earth to the Edge of the Cosmos`)



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