Sky Impressions

Here are my favorite “Sky Impressions” from my recent Canada trip. Watching a nice sunrise or sunset, or the time in between, the twilight, is every time a new experience. But what attracts me more and more is watching the stars by night and photograph them. It´s a whole new story for me and there are so many things to learn about “Astrophotography”! Yes, a whole new approach to photography I´m just starting with. Did you know that you can modify your dlsr-body into a body for astrophotography? And that you can use your camera on a telescope (well, with a special mount), and take longtime exposures without getting startrails? That´s just the beginning of it! And that gives me the opportunity to combine my hobbies: photography, traveling, astronomy and studying old cultures!  is a very good site (in english) of German astrophotographer Stefan Seip and , a french astrophotographer with incredible images (also in english). Enjoy!


Moonset @ Waterton Lakes NP


Dawn @ Waterton Lakes NP


Dawn @ Abraham Lake


Ice crystal clouds @ Abraham Lake


Venus at dawn @ Maligne Lake


Startrails with Orion @ Wells Grey PP


Dusk @ British Columbia


Dusk @ BC


Dusk @ BC


“Blue Hour” (dusk) @ Kamloops


Dawn @ Golden


Kamloops at night ( not a “sky impression, but it fits good in here)


“I do not travel to reach a goal, but to move forward.

I travel because of travel.

The movement is most important.” 

(R.L.Stevenson, english author, 1850-1894)


4 thoughts on “Sky Impressions

    1. wernerpriller

      Thanks, Wayne! Yes, those shots are what I´m looking after! Next thing I´ll get is a telescope…..

  1. Walton Critzman

    Just about all I can point out is, I am not sure what to really say! Except obviously, for the great tips that happen to be shared within this blog. I’m able to think of a trillion fun methods to read the content on this site. I’m sure I will finally make a move with your tips on areas I could not have been able to handle alone. You had been so careful to permit me to be one of those to learn from your helpful information. Please realize how great I appreciate it.


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