Austria: Hohe Tauern National Park

Last years trip has led me to Austria´s  national park “Hohe Tauern” at the beginning of the fall season. The beginning of October is a pretty good time to visit such highly frequented areas – school holidays are over and most tourists don´t want to spend their valuable time in the cold. From where I live, access is very easy and it´s only a four hours drive. The “Grossglockner High Alpine Road” leads you on a spectacular drive through the NP, with fantastic lookouts and sightings. For more information go to: . I also journeyed some other high alpine roads while I was in Austria, as the “Felbertauerntunnel” and the “Gerlospass”. To be honest, I´ve spent more time in my life  in Austria than in the northern parts of Germany. Here are my favorite pics from that trip I did by myself for four days. Enjoy! 


Dusk @ Zell am See, Austrian Alps



Dawn @ Hohe Tauern NP


On top of  Edelweiß-Spitze (2571 m) @ Hohe Tauern NP



High alpine road @ Hohe Tauern NP


Walking the ridge @ Hohe Tauern NP


Fall colours @ Hohe Tauern NP


Albert Wirth and John Muir (left)

The Hour Of Birth Of The National Park ( Albert Wirth´s legacy):

In the year 1899, Albert Wirth, a distinguished captain of the timber industry of Villach, was the first Austrian to visit the North American national parks of Yellowstone and Yosemite. Wirth returned to Austria an ardent conservationist burning to introduce the idea of national parks into this country. Nineteen years later an oppurtunity opened when plans by an financially potent consortium became publicly known. These plans included the closure of the Grossglockner area, public admittance for an entrance fee and to increase the accessibility by building cable-cars. Wirth decided to buy the Carinthian part of the Grossglockner area, including the Pasterze glacier, a total of 4100 hectares, and to bestow it on the Austrian Mountaineering Association, requiring to guarantee “this part of the Grossglockner area to be preserved for the future as a conservation area”.


Dusk @ Hohe Tauern NP


Rising moon @ Grossglockner ridge


“Race track” @ Hohe Tauern NP


the Pasterze, the longest glacier in the eastern alps @ Hohe Tauern NP


Mt. Grossglockner, the highest peak in Austria, 3798 m, (see the track where people are climbing up)


“Nassfeld” waterfall @ Hohe Tauern NP


Sunrise @ Hohe Tauern NP



2 thoughts on “Austria: Hohe Tauern National Park

  1. Dave Dobak

    On the information board about “The Hour of Birth of the National Park”, the photo on the left, identified as Albert Wirth with John Muir, is a photograph that is usually identified as US President Theodore Roosevelt with John Muir. The resemblance of Albert Wirth and Theodore Roosevelt is striking; but has anyone researched to find out who is right and who is wrong?

    1. Werner Priller Post author

      Good point, Dave! Have to figure that out when I´m back home from Australia…
      Have a look on the high-res-files and might do some research when I´m back there (its only a 3-hours drive)



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