Dealing with Russia: Last Part

Since the decision was made  of turning back home, it´s a much more easy-going. Passing the outskirts of L´viv on our way to the polish border, we´ve seen a lots of ukrainian workers waiting for work while sitting on their trucks and wheel loaders or just standing there with a shovel in their hands. Ukraine is the co-host (with Poland) for the European Soccer Championships 2012.

Stadium shell @ L´viv


Bus stop @ Hwy M12

Heading further west to the polish border, we passed through a lot of forest and a very rural looking landscape. Spotting the ukrainian/polish border from far, we thought:  let´s get the border formalities quick and we are out of here! Far from it!


“Where is my lane”? @ Ukrainian/Polish border


Motorcyclist @ Ukrainian/Polish border

Many thanks to the Ukrainian couple who helped us finding the right row at the border control and for encouraging us to jam into every gap of cars that opened up, no matter how small it was!


Heading west @ Poland


Cemetery @ Radymno


Finally, we´ve made it to Poland; I was very surprised how “european-like” it´s looking over here! Poland has made a huge development towards “the west” since the fall of the wall.


Signpost @ Fwy E 40


The next image shows what I like while traveling in the European Union: no borders, no controls, nothing. Just driving straight through! Though the Czech Republic and Poland doesn´t have the Euro so far, it´s easy paying with it everywhere – there is no  necessarily need to change currency. The photo shows where there used to be the border patrol station of Poland/Czechoslovakia.

Czech border @ Nachod


After four days and some 2800 km of straight driving through five countries, we made it back home sound and safe, though we are looking a bit down after the big haul.



Summary: We did not make it to Wolgograd/Russia, but what an experience this trip has been,  especially for my six years old son Jakob! These are the things a father should do with his son – what a time to remember! This journey has been some sort of “Teaching the next generation in Photography and Travel” ! Enjoy!


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