Behind the Scenes: Winter Magic Tour

Here are some shots  behind the scenes from the Winter Magic Tour, led by Darwin Wiggett, late Jan.2011. Just if you are curious about what´s going on on a tour like this….! If you are ever thinking about going on a tour similar like this one, don´t think to much – just do it and have fun!

Early morning @ Preachers Point/Abraham Lake


On the way from the lodge to the bay @ Abraham Lake


Which way to go?


Gusty winds @ Abraham Lake


Getting closer @ Abraham Lake


Spotting down @ Abraham Lake


Madleine and Darwin @ Aurum Lodge


Where´s the best spot? @ the Icefields Pwy


Lined up @ the Galleria


Looking down @ the Mistaya Canyon


Coming through @ Mistaya River


Having fun @ Hyw 11


Swarming out, Forrest Burn/Hwy 11


Conference @ Siffleur River


This shot was taken in the evening after the tour, building a fire and cooking potatoes. I didn´t know at this time, that it should become the coldest night ever I was out camping. The ranger at Jasper NP has told me the next day that it had -33° Celsius. But this particular shot reminds me all in one I have witnessed at this tour and on my whole journey as well! By the way, it´s Preachers Point @ Abraham Lake!


” …Traveling is more than seeing the sights; it´s an enduring, far-reaching change of your way of life!”     (Miriam Beard, born 1901)


and discoverer Tom Wilson wrote 1882:

“…during all my discoveries of the fives mountain ranges of Western Canada have I never seen such an incomparable sight. My body was weakened, but my mind and soul rejoiced!”


( This video might not be the best quality (taken with my backup camera, Canon Powershot A80), but in the end we had a lots of fun and that is what really counts!) Enjoy!


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