While being at the Bavarian Forest NP and walking the “Tree Top Walk” in the morning, I´d some time left for the “The Wildlife Enclosure” in the afternoon . It´s obviously a well known spot for wildlife watching in whole europe! As I walked through the area, I´ve seen, and of course heard some different languages, as italian, czechian, polnish and dutch. It´s a nice place to go, you even have wheelchair access, and the whole area covers more than 200 ha (some 500 acres), but the different animal species are still fenced in. Would you otherwise be able to see a lynx, who is taken a sunbath on a small crest, just 15 m in front of you, and about 10 photographers watching him and shooting like wild?! Or would you be able to watch a pack of wolfes in best afternoon light, passing you just 10 m in front of your lense, without noticing you? I´ve to admit that this is a very natural habitat for the animals, right in the forest, withourt any manbuildt stuff – except for the fence. On one side it´s really cool to start with if you are into wildlife photography, on the other side I still feel uncomfortable about this. With my Sigma 120-400 mm I felt I bit lost (sort of) between all the other guys hanging around with their big Canon and Nikon lenses. One guy was even wearing a camouflage suit!?! And some of them had trolleys to carry their equipment! Nonetheless it´s been a great experience and a good start learning how to shoot wildlife. Here are my two favorite pics from that spot. The other ones are from my recent trip in Canada. The wolf shot is my favorite, which one is your´s? Enjoy!










3 thoughts on “Wildlife?

  1. Herman

    Very nice website.

    Can you advise where the wildlife enclosure(s) is/are located? Am considering to visit some time this year.


    1. Werner Priller Post author

      Hi, thanks!
      Here´s a link to an overview of different stuff: http://www.nationalpark-bayerischer-wald.de/service/downloads/index.htm
      like maps (Karten), info sheets (Faltblätter); go to “Faltblätter” and than to “Faltblatt Tierfreigelände” or go straight there
      with this link: http://www.nationalpark-bayerischer-wald.de/doc/service/downloads/faltblatt/d_fb_tfg_lusen.pdf;
      though it´s only in German, but you will get the idea; the town is called `Neuschönau` at the Bavarian Forest, Bavaria and the wildlife enclosure is just a bit away from it;
      there is no entrance fee, but just one for the parking lot; the trail starts right at the parking lot; if you need anything else, drop me a note or write to my email adress: wernerpriller@web.de;
      Cheers, Werner


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