Bavarian Forest National Park

By travelling around the whole world, you sometimes hardly notice the beauty, that lies just in front of your door! The “Bavarian Forest NP” is one of those treasures, that´s only a 2 hours drive away from where I live. It´s located in south-east Germany, some 160 km east of Munich airport, on the border to the Czech Republic and the Bohemian Forest. Visiting the newest attraction, the world´s longest tree top walk, is really something remarkable and unique in the whole world! The 8-25 m high and 1300 m long path leads you right to the very impressive 44 m high tower, with a great view towards Lusen and Rachel Mountains.


The wooden construction of the tower is an architectural masterpiece, which gives you so many oppurtunities to photograph, even though it´s a bit difficult due to the many shades the construction builds. A polarizer and graduated ND Filters are the best bet, and of course a tripod! You can easily spend the whole morning there and finding always new lines and patterns on your way up and down.

The tower is also inhabitating a few old trees, which are up to 38 m high – they sort of have buildt the construct around the trees, and that gives the whole an even more “natural” look! You can find a link about the NP at the bottom of this post, after a small video taken at the beginning of the ascent. Enjoy! (english) (deutsch)


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