The Great Robert Bateman

Waiting and lurking around at the Calgary airport for my departure, I got attracted to a few different magazines at a newsstand. One of them was “British Columbia Magazine” ( ), which got in their winter issue 2010 a cover shot of a cougar. That´s what I´ve been looking for! Some great shots of cougars I thought and went for it. Flipping through the zine in the airplane, I suddenly realized that it also got a great story about Robert Bateman in it, called “The Great Robert Bateman”, ! Story: Bruce Obee, photography: Ron Watts!

The whole story is only available in buying the winter issue 2010, but it´s really worth it, and of course of the great cougar story and photos as well. Want to learn more about  Robert Bateman? . Hard to believe that this guy turned 80 in May 2010 and is still painting and ranting the whole time. I first got introduced to him by Art Wolfe in Nov.2010, but since then I admire his work, which looks so realistic, you can´t almost tell if it´s a painting or a photography. By studying paintings you can learn a lot of texture, patterns, lines, quality of light, and most of all: composition (framing the picture)! It can change the way you look at things entirely then!

“I can`t conceive of anything being more varied and rich and handsome than the planet earth. And its crowning beauty is the natural world. I want to soak it up, to understand it as well as I can, and to absorb it…and then I`d like to put it together and express it in my painting. This is the way I want to dedicate my life.”      Robert Bateman

Changing the word “painting” in R.Bateman´s quote into “photography”, it would hit my point of view at the fullest! Enjoy!



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