Dealing with: Russia, Part III

On our search for a good place to stay overnight, it got dark already and it was raining constantly. The driveways around Ternopil were about six lanes wide, but  just pure dark, no roadmarkings, no signs-nothing. I didn´t wanted to park my car on the roadside and I didn´t wanted to drive any further than Ternopil because of the road conditions. So I stopped at a petrol station to fill up fuel and hopefully getting some information about staying for the night. But knowing just one word in ukrainian (Dobryyden/Hello), is pretty less to go into a conversation! The skinny attendant was showing me the way to the chief inside the petrolstation, who was looking like a bruiser! You probably need this kind of a guy, looking after the money, in this kind of area. After debatting an half an our, I got fuel for 5o € and some change back in ukrainian currency. Asking him if I could stay here over night in my sprinter, he told me, that he wanted the half of my change I just received from him-about 4 €. OK. After a quick dinner, we hopped under our blankets and tried to find some sleep after a really wild day. Jakob fell asleep instantly, but the rain was pouring on the roof of my van. Sometime in the night, I heard some really strange noises I couldn´t figure out. It was just terrifying! I haven´t have heard such a sound before. Like an alarm bell just beneath my car-like someone was trying to bring us out into the open. It went on for a few hours, noise was going up and down, stopping, going on, stopping, with different intervals. I thought: No, I´m not going out-no way! Then it stopped suddenly, just to come back after an half an our with full fury and then it was gone already. By this time it was some 4 am-but Jakob at least was still sleeping. Wow, what a night. I have been travelling so much in my life, I have never made such an experience! How must those young soldiers must have felt during WWII? That freaks me out! I must admit, that I have never been that scared before in my life, but that was just one particular night. They (in particular my uncle/because of his fate I was doing this journey; not forgetting all the other people who have been suffering in this war, no matter which nationality or religion) had this for weeks, month and even years before they died already in this senselessness war! I´m still not quite sure as I´m writing this story, if I just felt my uncles feelings and emotions that particular night while I was in Ternopil/Ukrainia?! Who knows? The ride went back the same road we came from yesterday, just stopping at a memorial site which I couldn´t figure out for what it stands for.

On our way back, we had a bit more time, so we looked around at this spot. It had also a little hill with an cross of stone on the top. On the top of this hill, we got a good overlook of this area. The road goes through the countryside and is lined with trees and bushes on both sides (as shown in the image on the top). Beyond those lines goes those really big fields of this country, which I often heard of but now I could see for real! They stretch as far you can see. At the end of this part, I want to show you another “happening” on this road. End part III.

PS: I have to admit, that those feelings and impressions I had on this journey are my very own. I didn´t want to bring any discredit to someone particular or on a whole country itself. It was a great experience to do this journey, even more while I didn´t achieve my true goal! Nothing happens without a reason! If someone gets offended by my writings, I´m sorry for that, but if, it´s my fault, not theirs!! Cheers!

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