A tribute to: Malcom Douglas

Looking for some news and media about Malcom Douglas this afternoon, I found out that he has died on the 23th of Sept, aged 69 years!!

Having “known” this guy from tv since probably 1998, me and my sons Joseph and Lukas have been watching the series every saturday afternoon or sunday morning. Either he was catching a croc, eating an almost raw kangaroo or showing his survival techniques, he was doing a great, great job! Pure and naturally, it was great watching this guy! Whitout a big show, effects or even a backup, he probably became the role model for guys like Bear Grylls nowadays. Because for being himself, we loved to watch his shows. When I was in Australia for the first time, 1990/91, unfortunately I haven´t heard about him so far-I even have been to Broome at that time. On my second journey in 1999/2000, I just travelled through NSW, but I wrote him a letter, that my sons are big fans of him and if he might send them an autograph or something like that. He has influenced a lot of people doing or just trying to do those things like he did, showing all those great landscapes and unknown places in Australia-he indeed did a marvellous job! What an inspiration you still are!

Cheers brother!

One thought on “A tribute to: Malcom Douglas

  1. Juleeee

    thats so sad that he died. I really love all his movies. He is one of the most interessting guys. R.I.P


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