Art Wolfe at the “WunderWelten”-Festival

What a theme to start a Blog with! Art Wolfe being in Germany for his only visit at the WunderWelten-Festival! Doing a 4 h workshop in the morning and a 90 minute multimedia presentation in the afternoon, it was great to hear this guy talking and even more seeing those outstanding images of him!

But what was really cool about him, is the fact that he is really just like you and me – well, he does the better pictures, but for being one of the best and most popular photographers in the world, he is a very pleasant person!

The 4 h workshop wasn´t just about how to take pictures – it was even more about getting an idea of how everything works together as a whole! It´s not just shooting! It´s about having a sense and feeling for those places you go, the people you meet and animals you see, how you treat and approach them with respect and dignity! In my mind, I see it the same way, but that´s not obvious in this fast living world these days!

So I would say that this workshop was just not for someone who is interested in taking  better photos, but even more for anyone  who want´s to learn something for life itself! Things like being positive, evolve yourself and be open to new possibilities, and in my mind most of all: “capture the spirit”, that lies/is in every single one of us. That may sound a bit of the edge or esoteric to some – but that´s fine to me!

The multimedia presentation “Between heaven and earth” was also stunning! Having a 12 mtr./36 ft. wide screen at  the festival, those images came by so great and sharp and clear that it was just miraculous. Never have I seen such a great presentation before. So if you ever have the opportunity to see this show or going to a workshop – go and get it, it´s more worth than you are paying for!

For me, being pretty new to photography, this really, really made my day! Thank you so much for being here, Art Wolfe, and also a big Bravo for Immanuel and Florian Schulz making this festival possible! If you want to learn more about those guy´s – check this out:

Cheers, Werner

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